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The combination of surface treatments, oxidization and RF magnetron sputtering


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TechnologyInnovation in a nutshell

When it comes to innovation, our priority is to ensure maximal biocompatibility and safety of our coating solutions, minimizing healing times and compromises in life quality the patient might encounter

Medical implant coating solutions, currently available on the market, are limited to one-layer composition, which only offers limited set bioactive characteristics. Koatum has developed a game-changing method of applying multiple highly adhesive layers of absolutely different functionality.

Our solution is:

SAFE – layer composition guarantees that implant is completely isolated from patient’s body, tackling the problem of inflammation and/or rejection.

MULTI-LAYERED – multiple highly adhesive layers are created. They are flexible and cannot be damaged during the surgery.

HYBRID – each layer possesses its own set of characteristics, aimed at improving a particular feature of a medical implant. Combined together, they present a universally safe and bioactive solution.

BIOACTIVE – by applying innovative coating methods, calcium-phosphate does not lose any of its bioactive characteristics in the process of sputtering. The result is a maximally bone-similar coating, which stimulates osteogenesis in the patient’s body.

About usAn aim to introduce its unique know-how to the industry of medical body

Koatum is a 7th Commercialization Reactor-born med-tech startup, founded in Riga, Latvia (2014) with an aim to introduce its unique know-how to the industry of medical body implants.

The usage of implantable products of medical engineering, such as dental, orthopaedic or reconstructive implants, has become a common surgical practice. While the industry is constantly expanding due to additional products and methods being introduced, the major direction for research and development remains the same – medical implants should be made safer, capable of faster healing and faster bio-integration, less prone to any risks of rejections and inflammations. This is achieved by coating medical implants or modifying the morphology of their surface in order to increase the chances of faster biointegration. The coatings currently offered by manufacturers feature a limited set of biointegrational possibilities, only having a one-layer composition.

By applying its know-how in implant coating, Koatum created a fully functional multi-layered hybrid coating with layers being completely different in their purpose and characteristics. A fully treated implant, thus, guarantees a complete isolation from patient’s body and a structure, which is maximally similar to the human bone. No similar solutions are currently being offered by the industry.