An innovative coating solution
for medical implants
We are a MedTech startup that developed
a medical implant coating technology for dental and orthopaedic implants
Koatum prevents inflammation and offers customisable bioactive solutions to accelerate bone integration for a faster, painless recovery.

These advantages derive from the use of a Radio Frequency Magnetron Sputtering ("RFMS") application method, which enables:
100% isolation
No inflammatory metal-to-tissue contact. A chemically inert first layer is applied using thermal oxidation in a pure oxygen atmosphere, ensuring perfect, crack-free formation.

Unhindered bioactivity
2x faster healing. Koatum's upper layers are made from hydroxyapatite. Without the intense heat used in plasma coating, the HA's bioactivity is preserved, enabling it to stimulate bone regeneration at the fastest possible rate.
Thinner, more flexible coating
No cracks. Existing solutions are relatively thick: up to 80 microns. Due to the use of RFMS, Koatum's coatings are much thinner (up to 5 microns), more flexible, and less prone to cracking.
Drug-eluting coating
We can implement drug delivery system straight into the HA layer, allowing targeted drug dissolution to stimulate osteointegration.

Customisable multi-layer coating
No existing solutions offer the advantages of multiple coating layers, each with a different function. With Koatum's technology the surgeon can design a customised, highly adhesive coating solution tailored to the patient's needs: bioactive layers on top of an inert isolation layer, all safely bound together.
Team of experts in physics, medicine and business working together for a brighter future
Emil Syundyukov
Founder & Art Director
6-year experience in R&D in medical applications of computer science and wireless sensor networks
Sergey Jakimov
Co-founder, Board Member
6-year experience in tech commercialisation
Galvin Mould
Board Member
Former executive of Smith&Nephew, Zimer-Biomet
Sergei Tverdokhlebov PhD
Chief Technology Officer
Internationally recognised chief researcher, 30+ years of expertise in medical coating formation
Anna Grizane MD
Medical implant product manager
Medical doctor
Svjatoslavs Kistkins MD
Medical Researcher
Physical chemist, biotechnologist
EIT Headstart
Grand Final 2018 Winner
Horizon 2020
Seal of Excellence
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